Panhandle British Car Association

Map and directions to our Annual Show

Last updated: 9-APR-2022
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Directions to show site from Interstate-10:

From I-10 east or west: Take Exit 12, I-110 South

  • Go straight all the way down this I-110 interstate spur.
  • Take exit 1C for US-98 West Garden St
  • Slow down for a sharp right turn
  • Turn left onto Manresa St. If you miss it, you can turn left onto South Tarragona St.
  • Turn left onto East Romana St
  • Turn right onto South Alcaniz St

  • Proceed south past Seville Square and turn right into Fountain Park, which is right BEFORE you get to Bayfront Parkway. E Zarragossa Street will be blocked off.
  • Drive to the west end of the parking area and follow directions to get your photo taken.

    Everyone gets a picture taken on entering, so if many cars are arriving when you are, then you may need to wait in line briefly.

    IMPORTANT! When you are 2nd in line waiting for your photo turn, PLEASE do not stop too close to the 1st car because then the front of your car will be in the photo of the person in front of you! So please don't ruin the photo of the person in front of you.

    Directions to the OFFICIAL host hotel from the show site: ( Days Inn by Wyndham Pensacola - Historic Downtown )

    Starting on the north border of Seville Square park, head west on East Government St toward South Adams St, turn right onto South Tarragona Street, turn left onto East Gadsden St, Turn right onto North Palafox St and the hotel will be on the right.

  • SOME visitors choose to stay at the Pensacola Beach. In the past, the Day's Inn there was a host hotel. We DO NOT have a special rate there. These directions are only to be helpful in case you choose to stay at the beach instead of downtown Pensacola.

    Directions to the DAY'S INN PENSACOLA BEACH from Interstate-10:

    From the I-110 ramp down to street level:
    Continue straight thru the first traffic light and move to left or center lane. At the second traffic light you should be looking at water ahead. This is Bayfront Parkway. Turn left and take the curved road along the water toward the bridge. There is one more intersection light before the bridge. Go straight onto the bridge. Before coming to the end of the bay bridge, slow down to speed limit 35mph. Proceed slowly (strict enforcement) through city of Gulf Breeze for three intersection lights. After going straight through the second intersection light, move to the right lane or center lane and look for a big sign on the right pointing to Pensacola Beach. Turn right at the sign and cross the second bridge leading to the island. Give some money to the toll booth person at the end of that bridge, $1 per car, more for trailers (50 cents per axle). Then go straight past the previous show location of the "Beach Ball" water tower. The host hotel, Pensacola Beach Resort, is just before the two lanes of east direction reduce to one lane. Turn right into the parking lot.

    Directions to the show site from the Pensacola Beach Day's Inn:

    Turn left from the parking lot onto Via De Luna Drive. Depending on which driveway you exit, you may need to go right and turn around.

    Drive straight toward the island's toll booths and head over the first bridge to Gulf Breeze. Keep left at the split on the other side of the bridge and merge with Gulf Breeze Parkway (US-98) west. Drive straight through several traffic lights and cross over the 2nd bridge to Pensacola. When leaving the bridge, keep left at this split and enter Bayfront Parkway. Continue on Bayfront Parkway as it curves to the left and on past the Veteran's Memorial and our previous location. Turn right onto Alcaniz St and you will see Seville Square on your left.

    Note that each time you drive over the bridge from Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach there is a toll bridge fee (but not the other way).

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