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February 2024

  • The February edition of PBCA's "Smoke_in_the_Wires magazine is now available on the Newsletters page.
  • January 2024

  • Happy New Year! The Officers page has been updated for 2024, I added pictures from 2023 events to the 2020 page thereby expanding it to cover 4 years. We had fewer events in 2020-2021 due to COVID.
  • I've changed the menu bars at the top of each page. I put "Past Events" and "Future Events" into one button labeled "Events". There is a new button on the Events page for past events.
  • You may have noticed that the main page button bar has been moved from the side vertical to the top horizontal like the other pages.
  • The Events page now has a new PDF calendar format for planned events in 2024. The calendar was created by Michael King. If some events require more detail, I will put that in text below the calendar.
  • I created a gallery of photos from the South Alabama show in 2021. If you have photos from the SABCC shows of 2022, 2017, 2012, 2006, and/or 2005, please send them to for this website and you get photo credit.
  • Added three photos for new member Tim_Witzigreuter to the Members page, MG Cars.
  • The Major Sponsor and Class Sponsor forms for our 2024 show have now been updated on the British Car Show page. Remember to refresh (reload) the Show page if you have visited recently and don't see the change now.
  • December 2023

  • The December club newsletter is posted to the Newsletters page.
  • October 2023

  • Many members of PBCA attended the South Alabama British Car Festival in Fairhope, AL. Pictures are posted here.
  • September 2023

  • The August and September club newsletters are posted and the September edition of "Smoke in the Wires" is also available on the Newsletters page.
  • August 2023

  • I was way behind on the events list and the newsletters page. I don't yet have a list of upcomming events. But I have found my British Marque newspapers and almost caught up. I just added our June and July articles. August article is next!

    April 2023

  • We had a successful show under threat of rain all day and we were able to have the awards ceremony before the rain actually started. Nintey-Five brave British car owners showed up on the Seville Square field to enjoy a day in testiment to classic British cars. See pictures on our Show page.

    December 2022

  • The Car registration form, Class Sponsor registration form, and Major Sponsor registration form is now updated for 2023 on our Show page.

    November 2022

  • The Show page has been updated to reflect our upcoming 2023 British Car show at Seville Square in downtown Pensacola!

    April 2022

  • We had a successful show on Saturday the 23rd with about 110 British cars and bikes on Seville Square in downtown Pensacola!
  • The pictures from the show are now available on this site from this show page under the 2022 heading box.
  • I am now finished with the Winner's List! The Winner's Webpage was just completed tonight 4/30/2022. The List was sent to me by Registration, thank you.
  • As always, if you notice any mistakes, feel free to email webmaster (me) and I'll get right on fixing it.

    February 2022

  • Meeting location changed to new restaurant at NEW location: The Hangar American Grill located at 3966 Avalon Boulevard, Milton Florida. Sonny's changed the rules and required $100 plus buffet and exact number of people attending. Notes changed on the Future Events page and the front website page.

    January 2022

  • Dates and countdown timer updated on the Show page.
  • Events page has been updated to June 2022.

    December 2021

  • PBCA had a club event last month at Tom S. "The Hut" in Lillian, AL. Read about it in the newsletter posted in the "British Marque" article for November in print and on this site.
  • The November and December newsletters are posted on this site.
  • The Officers page has been updated for 2022 and the countdown timer on the show page was adjusted.

    August 2021

  • Oops! When I finally published the current newsletter, I realized that I had been negligent in not doing this task for almost a year. Blame it on COVID-19 as we are all feeling blah with not much going on and no club activities. But now I have created the June and August newsletters on this site and will seek out my previous issues of the British Marque for duplication here.
  • The graphic for the 2022 show (hopefully not cancelled) is now updated on the show page and the main page. The items text on the show page are next.

    July 2021

  • We didn't have anything going on for a long time due to the Coronavirus. We had not one annual show but TWO annual shows cancelled. Health and safety is more important, so we didn't have any events for a year. Now we are trying to get back. We had a party gathering at Tom S's house last weekend with three area British car clubs and it was well attended as usual.
  • The Future Events page and the Officers page have been updated. The main page text has the new show date for next year. The graphic will be replaced later.

    March 2020

  • Well the darn Coronavirus has caused our annual show to be cancelled here in Pensacola, Florida, USA! The show site is city property so due to the outbreak and gatherings of 50 people or more are restricted, our show is ka-put for this year.

    January 2020

  • Updated Events page and Officers page.

    October 2019

  • The October newsletter is now posted.
  • The 2020 registration forms are now on the Show page. You can now register for next year's show!

    September 2019

  • The September newsletter is now posted. And on September 2nd too!

    August 2019

  • The August newsletter is now posted! Yeah!

    July 2019

  • Once again playing "catch-up" with the newsletters. If you don't get the British Marque newspaper and see our newsletters (as well as those of other clubs across the world), then you can read our newsletters here. The May and June newsletters are now on-line. Yes, it's now July so that's next.
  • The link for the Suncoast British Car Club is corrected on the Links list.
  • The July newsletter is now posted on the newsletters page.

    April 2019

  • Our 27th Annual "Brits by the Bay" Pensacola British Car Show 2019 was a success with 141 cars registered and great Florida beautiful weather! Pictures and winner's lists are posted on the Show page linked above.

    January 2019

  • The Show page has been updated for our upcoming April 26th-27th Pensacola British Car Show, our 27th!
  • Pictures from our recent Garage Tour at Mike Darby's Restoration Shop have been added to the Past Events page for Year 2018.

    October 2018

  • Pictures from the South Alabama British Car Festival have been posted to the South Alabama shows page here.

    September 2018

  • The events list has been updated.

    May 2018

  • The winner's list from our 2018 show is complete and available on the show page.
  • The April and May newsletters are published on the newsletters page.

    April 2018

  • Just completed a successful annual show with great weather and over 130 cars! Many repeat attendees comment that they really enjoy our show. If you have not been here, please make plans to attend next year.
  • The pictures are available on the show page.

    November 2017

  • Getting ready for next year's show, I have uploaded the 2018 registration forms for participants, class sponsors, and major sponsors onto the Show page.
  • The November newsletter is now ready on the Newsletters page.

    May 2017

  • Pictures are now uploaded from the Panhandle Cruiser's National Show 2017 which was held at Five Flags Speedway. See the "Past Events" section.

    April 2017

  • PBCA had a great success with our 25th annual show. We had over 140 registered cars, good weather, live Beatle's music, and a new shady location in historic downtown Pensacola right by the bay. Pictures are now processed and are published on the site.

    December 2016

  • I am changing the menu button layout for most pages and having two rows across the top instead of one column on the left side. I'm doing this so that the short pages may not have to be scrolled down at all and the longer pages will not have to be scrolled as much as before. The main page and show page are not changed yet.

    November 2016

  • This site has been edited to prepare for our 25th Anniversary show in April 2017. The Map page has been updated to reflect our new show site, Seville Square, and the directions from the host hotels are included. The dates on the Show page are now correct but the hotel prices have to be verified. The new registration form requires Adobe PDF and is linked from all the page menus.
  • Newletters have been added.
  • I'm experimenting with a different layout of the menu buttons on this page.

    April 2016

  • We had a great show with over 130 cars registered and no rain at the show site. Pictures are linked on our Show page.

    October 2015

  • We are starting to get ready for our next show in April 2016! The Show page is edited and the registration forms for participants and sponsors are ready except for one Adobe form that will hopefully be changed soon.
  • Photos from the South Alabama British Car Festival at Fairhope are now posted here. PBCA did well at their 24th show with several class winners and placements. A complete list will be in the newsletter.

    April 2015

  • Thank you to those brave enthusiasts who came to our show despite the gloomy predictions of the professional weather guessers! Their predictions of all-day rain with thundershowers did NOT happen. We had our show with some light rain off and on in the morning and NO rain in the afternoon. The Beetles band was able to play with no problems and they sounded great! The voting and the awards presentation was not rained on either (unlike three years ago). Turnout was low because the morning rain caused many of YOU to decide to stay home. But we still had 67 brave owners who helped us make a successful show. This was our 23rd show so two times in 23 years is still good!

    March 2015

  • The March newsletter has now been added to the site as it was published in the British Marque newspaper.
  • Members pages are still being worked on as I have time. I have not completed going through the roster.

    February 2015

  • The newsletters page has been updated with the British Marque's December and January/February editions.
  • The Members pages have been updated after I received a more current roster. I have not completed this task through the entire roster yet, but I'm working on it. It takes time to search for car photos from our recent shows and events for each member in the current roster.

    January 2015

  • I tested a different menu on this page, then installed it to all the pages with the previous Flash menus. I did this because I received an Apple iPad for Christmas and I saw that our Flashbutton menus didn't work on it's Safari and Chrome web browser versions. Last summer I got an Android smartphone and had noticed the same thing. Therefore, I want to try something new for those devices to be included because more people are using these mobile devices. So what do you think?

    May 2014

  • We were having problems with some of the names for the photos from the show. The webmaster has been working on the site pages for the cars as the car number list is being compiled. The pictures were published with most but not all of the names listed and then all but one has been corrected.
  • The Winner's List is ready and an extra set of photos from Bill Moseley has just been added May 31st.

    April 2014

  • Thanks for a successful show on April 26th! We had about 126 cars attending with only a few pre-registered cars that did not arrive. The weather was great for a car show. The pictures are being processed and will appear on our site soon.

    January 2014

  • Newsletters and articles for December and January have been added.
  • Pages have been edited and added for our 2014 Pensacola British Car Show including the sponsor registration form which was just added 1/26/2014.

    May 2013

  • Two photos of a Morgan 3-wheeler that was at the show were just added after being received by PBCA members. I did not see it arrive after Noon when we left the photo area as planned, as I saw some others. If any others attended and do not appear in the gallery, send a photo of the car from the show and it will be added. Registration normally closes at Noon.
  • The April newsletter has been added late and the May newsletter is also available.
  • The 2013 PBCA show Winner's list has now been received 5/22 and the display page is being created.

    April 2013

  • Our 21st Annual Pensacola British Car Show "Brits on the Bay" was a fantastic success with a record number of cars attending and great weather! Pictures of every car are available on the gallery pages. When the Winner's list is completed it will be added to the Show page.
  • Some members whose cars are not on the Member's pages will be added as time permits using photos from our 2013 show.

    January 2013

  • Edited the Show pages for 2013 and the registration form.
  • Edited the Officers page for our new 2013 officers.
  • Added Tom Matsoukas and Marc Cherry to the Members pages. If anybody else wants to be added, just send me a note and tell me what event you attended where a photo of your car was taken OR you can send me a photo.
  • Some photos are being moved around as I am trying to organize the site better. So if a link to a photo doesn't work for a few days, send the webmaster an email and I will fix it.

    May 2012

  • Some PBCA members attended the downtown Pensacola National Car Show sponsored by Panhandle Cruisers. If you have photos you want to share, send them to the webmaster to be displayed and credited.